Ixos was born in the ‘60s as a small craftsmanship workshop within the very hearth of the main Italian shoe manufacturing district, deeply characterized by deep knowledge, expertise , excellence, quality and passion for the shoe making business. The brand keeps growing year afer year, taking shape to become a complete and qualified identity, that could melt quality and craftsmanship with innovation and research. In year 2015 the first clothing collection was launched; an idea that allowed the brand to firmly set on the market and try new ways to express its creativity.


Building a relashionship based on trust, cooperation and openness, a mutual loyalty process that welds us to our staff and customers. the attention for people traslates into the creation of a positive working environment, where everyone can develop and improve skills and expertise and is paid on the basis of a meritocratic policy. our main values - as serenity, loyalty, moral resposibility and commitment – characterize our actions and decisively contribute in reaching our success, representing an essential factor to ensure our future.


Elements with contrasting emotions and natural materials melt with essential lines. the contrasts result in refined, modern matches, but at the same time warm because flawed, conveying the idea of essentiality opposed to artificiality. essentiality, both for material, decoration or functional redundancy. shades are graded on soft and dusty colours, from light to dark, the neutral grays, but the chromatic greys as well, cold and warm. the colour doesn’t have to be intended as an aesthethic-decorative element only, but more as a combination of implications that opens new landscapes of planning innovation. our mission is to give birth to timeless, unique products and experiences, uncontaminated by commonplaces or standard settings of fashion. what we offer does not hold a material value only, but it holds a simbolic value as well, that allows the identification between the producer and the product. wearing an ixos garment plays both an aesthetic and an expressive function. the aim is engaging the customer and drawing him into our world to make him interpret the garment in a personal way. the meaning is a concern of the person that wears the garment: a confident person, contemporary and essential.


A woman who knows she can be many things at the same time, balancing femininity, charm, relation, with a practical approach, contemporary, busy, emancipated. it’s a dynamic woman, satisfied of her own life and considering time as a fellow to chat with. self confident, she builds her thoughts and opinions in a totally independent way, she likes doing what she does. she lives, day after day, rich and deep experiences, she wears her own personality. her talent in challenging stereotypes, prejudices and habits is forstalling times, but at the same time keeping steady on those timeless values as love, friendship, family, and self-regard. the stores perfectly represent the values and spirit of the company. the will is to express an intimate, calm, essential and modern feeling . the store becomes a home, a familiar and recurring place in the customer’s life that conveys safety and delivers feelings of security and stability.